Rovia Travel Review

What is Rovia Travel?

Rovia is a 25-year-old travel company that has revolutionised the travel industry. It has combined the most positive aspects of traditional travel agents and online booking whilst eliminating the negatives. It allows the consumer to develop their passion for travel into something more. With the new ‘hybrid’ option, Rovia is offering the consumer the opportunity to earn an income from the sale of travel while being in the comfort of his or her own home.

How does it work?

There are three levels of participation if you wish to be a part of the Rovia Travel opportunity. The first is an entry-level position as a Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC). This means Rovia would provide the tools and support needed to market and promote travel, without you being responsible for processing the travel quote or handling final travel documents.

The second position in this business plan, is that of a ‘Booking Travel Agent’ (BTA). This is a position designed for those who seek bigger commissions and are interested in becoming more involved with the booking process. Rovia requires a certain level of competency when dealing with bookings and to ensure you are suitable to become a BTA, completion of related travel industry coursework and exams is obligatory. If you are new to the industry, Rovia is offering college courses, which can be accessed online through Rovia’s training curriculum.

The ultimate position within Rovia Travel is to be a Travel Reservation Specialist (TRS). This role requires Global Distribution System (GDS) training and a broad range of travel industry experience. As a TRS you may be able to earn up to 80% commissions and take part in a unique lead generation program, something that is offered by no other company.

Rovia offers ample support in order for you to succeed and make the most of this business opportunity. There is the option on online training, local and regional training events and webinars, all to help and s

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